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Booking Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation And Therapeutic Service

To ensure the most effective treatment and to respect your time and investment, I offer a complimentary, free-of-charge 1-hour Online Initial Consultation.


This session allows us to determine the suitability of my therapeutic methods to your unique needs and personality, and likewise, to ensure that I am the right fit for you.


I am dedicated to helping you, and I want to make sure I am the right person to do so.

How Easy it Works


Begin by booking a Free Initial Consultation. This session is an opportunity for us to become acquainted, discuss your therapeutic goals, and strategize ways to attain them. You'll gain an understanding of the root causes behind your struggles and learn about effective methods to transcend them.


Embark on your tailored online treatment journey. With well-defined goals and a bespoke strategy, you'll receive a structured plan to implement in manageable steps. Allow me to guide you through your healing process. With full support, you'll start noticing positive changes.


Experience long-lasting transformation. Revel in heightened self-awareness, employ your newly learned coping mechanisms, appreciate positive behavior changes, feel a surge of motivation and empowerment, and enjoy enhanced well-being and emotional balance.

What do you need?

Beyond Hypnotherapy is a cutting-edge online practice that conducts sessions via Zoom. This reliable, free platform enables screen sharing, making sessions more engaging and impactful. Whether I need to display critical slides, visuals, or documents for your understanding of the therapeutic process, this functionality enhances our communication.


A strong internet connection is essential to ensure uninterrupted sessions, allowing for a smoother therapeutic experience. A quality headset can further enhance your focus and immersion in the session, helping you absorb all pertinent information and facilitating a deeper state of relaxation during the trance.

Additionally, a comfortable armchair or sofa is highly recommended. This allows you to achieve optimal relaxation, fully immersing in the process.

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  • A laptop with Zoom 

  • Good internet access

  • Headphones with microphone

  • Comfortable armchair or sofa

  • 1 hour of undisturbed time

Initial Consultation Overview

Initial Consultation is the first, vital step in the therapeutic process, designed to build rapport and establish a strong foundation for collaboration between me and you. This consultation typically involves several key components that allow me to gain insight into your concerns and goals, while also educating you about the principles and techniques of my approach, how your brain works and the ways I can help you.

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