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Panic attacks & Anxiety disorders Treatment

Anxiety is caused by a habit of negative thinking and panic attacks are the results of accumulating way too much negative thoughts. Some of us learnt to think negatively about certain things or events. Your subconscious mind is like an autopilot and runs 95% of your daily life. It means that you usually behave and act subconsciously, according to patterns you have learnt in the past. You also tend to interpret things and events in a negative way. It is usually a false judgement and it is exactly what causing you anxieties. We can rewire your brain and create new patterns so you can start seeing things from a new perspective.


The primitive part of your brain is very vigilant and can take over easily if it decides we are in danger (your false and negative judgement of a situation or event). It will serve you with an overdose of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Your primitive mind is usually reacting with anxiety because you perceive things and events in your life in a negative way which then activates the Amygdala that send appropriate signals throughout your body. Negative scenarios or interpretations are usually false and made up by your mind.


Your brain needs to be shown a new perspective. In order to gain a clear view of reality, firstly your primitive mind needs to be calmed down. We can achieve this by helping you understand the origin of your thoughts and then by focusing on solutions and goals creating new stable neural pathways. Best way to create new neural pathways is to practice new behaviors or thinking patterns in your imagination during hypnotherapy session or by regular listening and performing audio exercises. I offer you a solution that will help you to clean your mind from unwanted judgements and thinking patterns. I will help you to look at things in your life from correct point of view which allow your mind to remain in balance.


With my therapeutic program, you will stop worrying and start living. You can move beyond your anxiety or stay where you are now. Get in contact and let’s start working on your change today!

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