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Relaxing at Home

Panic Attacks & Anxiety Disorders Treatment

At Beyond Hypnotherapy Online Practice, I recognize and treat various anxiety and panic disorders such as GAD, PTSD, OCD, Panic Disorders and Phobias. I employ a comprehensive and effective

Solution-Focused approach. Let's walk you through the treatment process:


Assessment and Goal Setting

Our initial consultation, conducted via the Zoom video conferencing platform, focuses on evaluating your specific anxiety symptoms, panic attack triggers, and the challenges you face. This consultation is a collaborative endeavor to establish clear, attainable goals for your treatment, ensuring a therapy plan that caters specifically to your unique needs and aspirations.


Education and Understanding

I aim to equip you with a clear understanding of anxiety disorders and panic attacks, their causes, triggers, and effects. This insight empowers you to actively participate in your healing journey. Additionally, I'll educate you on the potential of the mind, its functioning, and how you can regain control to initiate healing and growth.


Solution-Focused Approach

I will guide you in identifying and amplifying your existing strengths and resources, focusing on practical solutions rather than problems. By exploring past successes, positive experiences, and coping mechanisms, I will help you build a foundation for future progress. Techniques like exception-seeking and the 'miracle question' are used to propel you towards your desired outcome.


Harnessing Your Imagination and the Power of Trance

Our video sessions will guide you into a state of deep relaxation and heightened focus. This trance-like state grants access to your subconscious mind, where positive changes can be efficiently implanted. Techniques such as guided visualizations, positive suggestions, and metaphorical stories will be used to reframe negative thought patterns and foster feelings of calmness and confidence.


Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques

I incorporate cognitive-behavioral techniques to identify and modify negative thought patterns and behaviors linked to anxiety and panic attacks. You'll be equipped with exercises and strategies to challenge negative beliefs, develop positive thinking patterns, and practice effective coping skills.


Homework and Practice

To consolidate the therapy, I encourage you to engage in various exercises and practices between sessions. These may include journaling, relaxation exercises, mindfulness techniques, or implementing new coping strategies in real-life situations.


Progress Evaluation and Adjustments

Regular progress reviews ensure your advancement towards the established goals. These reviews provide an opportunity to assess the efficacy of the treatment and make any necessary adjustments for sustained progress.


Ongoing Support

I offer continuous support and guidance throughout your anxiety treatment. You'll have a safe and supportive space to navigate your healing journey, with an expert always available to address your questions and provide encouragement.


Beyond Hypnotherapy's convenient and accessible service enables you to receive effective treatment from the comfort of your home. Our approach guarantees noticeable results after the first few sessions. With our guidance and your active participation, you can alleviate your anxiety, conquer panic attacks, develop effective coping mechanisms, and experience enhanced peace, confidence, and well-being.


Remember, you possess the inner resources to overcome anxiety and halt panic attacks. Beyond Hypnotherapy is here to empower you to harness these resources and regain control over your life.

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