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Stress and Anger Management

Anger is one of primitive responses to threats to our survival. It helped our ancestors survive. Our primitive mind was designed to save us from a wild environment we once lived in by activating a fight or flight mode. Unfortunately, anger is still present in our modern life while not serving this “prime purpose” anymore.


When we go through tough times or face stressful events in life, we sometimes accumulate too many negative emotions. This leads us to burst out in anger and do or say things we later regret. Being angry too often or for too long is poisonous for the body. Constant overflow of adrenaline and other stress hormones affects your immune system and wellbeing.


If you struggle emotionally and easily overreact over minor things, If you are looking for effective solution then Beyond Hypnotherapy is for you. I can help you to calm your mind, release negative charge and restore an emotional balance. We can rewire your brain so you can experience more calmness in your life. You can move beyond your anger and become more emotionally intelligent.

Get in contact with me and let’s start your calming process today!

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