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Stress and Anger Management Treatment

At Beyond Hypnotherapy Practice, I address anger disorders such as IED, ODD, DMDD, and BPD with a comprehensive, Solution-Focused approach. Here's an outline of our typical treatment process:

Embark on a transformational journey by taking advantage of our free online consultation to discuss your issues with anger. Together, we will establish clear and achievable goals for your treatment. We will explore the causes and effects of anger disorders, unlocking crucial insights for effective management. By identifying your strengths, we will build coping mechanisms while revisiting successful strategies from your past.

We will utilize hypnotherapy and cognitive-behavioral techniques to address negative thought patterns and behaviors. While in a state of deep relaxation, we will reframe your subconscious mind to foster positive changes. I will provide practical tools and skills for balanced anger management, complemented by regular exercises for continued progress.

The treatment is easily accessible from your home and fits seamlessly into your schedule. Regular evaluations ensure that your specific needs are met, and I offer continuous support for questions or concerns. At Beyond Hypnotherapy, I am committed to guiding you toward peace and harmony, empowering you to manage and overcome anger.


Collaborate with me for positive changes on your journey to ending your anger issues and bringing calm and focus into your life.

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