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-exit your anxiety-

and step into the world of calm, empowerment and emotional balance

Discover the Power of Solution-Focused Online Hypnotherapy and find Freedom from Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anger, Low Self Esteem and more...

The present you...?

I know that anxiety and fear are holding you hostage from the life you want...

I know that your heart races and your breath becomes shallow with each worry...

I understand that social isolation is your default mode, leaving you disconnected and alone...


I assume that anxiety robbed you of productivity and success, clouding your potential...


I totally get that sleep disruptions and financial burdens keep you up at night...


In a world that often discourages vulnerability, many silently battle these challenges. But you don't have to face them alone;

you deserve to be the best version of yourself!


Ready to break free from these shackles?

Ready to find calm and finally move forward? 

Take the first step on this transformative journey toward healing with Beyond Hypnotherapy and unlock the door to a life of happiness, peace, balance, and limitless possibilities!

It All Starts With A Free Consultation

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Meet bart...

Let The Past Go!
Let’s Talk About Your Better Future!


Hello! I’m Bart, a dedicated Clinical Hypnotherapist, ready to listen to your unique needs and guide you on this extraordinary positive path.


Coming from a working-class family, I've experienced firsthand the frustrations, worries about money and the future, and overwhelming stress that make life feel like a never-ending rabbit hole.


Since embarking on my journey as a hypnotherapist, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others. With an innovative approach, I bring my artistic nature to the table, constantly exploring new ideas and being inspired by various art forms.

My fascination with ancient civilizations and their perceptions of the world and health drives me to fuse different healing aspects into a comprehensive package. Growing up without financial abundance, I faced my share of difficult situations, gaining valuable insights into psychological problems.

But what fills me with immense joy and purpose is helping people like you discover the path to inner peace, effectively manage emotions, and embrace a renewed perspective of life. This journey of empowerment has deeply shaped my belief in the rightness of my calling.

Ever wondered what life could be like if you had the tools to conquer emotional barriers? Can you imagine the positive impact of such empowerment?

Let's have an honest, open conversation, but not about your past and what was holding you back… We want to talk about the present you and, mostly, the future you!


We'll delve into the aspirations, dreams, and goals you've always envisioned. We will tap into your inner strengths, resources and past successes. You’ll achieve new heights and horizons; through my guidance and practice, you’ll find the real you!

Why work with beyond hypnotherapy

Solution-Oriented Perspective:

Step into a realm of transformative solutions that go beyond the limitations of conventional talking therapy.


Evidence-Informed Practice:

Experience the power of science-driven techniques. Drawing upon evidence-informed practices and cutting-edge hypnotherapy research, I offer the most effective tools to facilitate healing and transformation.


Flexibility, Adaptability & Convenience:

Experience unparalleled convenience with my thoughtfully designed online sessions, aligned to fit your schedule and location. 


Ethical Standards:

I hold steadfast to the principles of professional ethics. Upholding strict confidentiality, I honor the trust placed in me, ensuring your personal experience remains private and secure.

Non-Judgmental and Accepting Attitude:

Here, we cultivate a nurturing environment that nurtures self-discovery and growth, guided by genuine empathy and unwavering acceptance.

Strengths-Based Focus:

I focus on uncovering your innate strengths, capabilities, and past triumphs; they are your transformational journey’s true architects. My methodology empowers clients to draw from their unique reservoirs of strength and resources.

Let's venture on this exhilarating journey together. Reach out and let's catalyze positive change in your life.
Contact Me Today For A Free Consultation!

Transform your life with hypnotherapy online

Discover the secret passage to liberation as you delve into your subconscious mind, rewiring your thoughts for lasting positive change.

Picture a life where limiting beliefs are shattered and self-esteem soars to new heights.

Car Singing_edited.jpg
Sun Roof Dance_edited.jpg

You are your own remedy

You hold the key to a life-altering shift, creating a world where peace and happiness thrive.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits you, and the best part is…

In the realm of transformative healing, your journey begins with a powerful revelation:
you possess all that's needed to heal within you.
I am but a guide, here to illuminate the path and unleash the potential lying dormant within your imagination.

Hands Together_edited.jpg

Together, we'll unlock the gateway to your inner strength and resilience, unleashing the healer dwelling within. Your imagination holds the key to transformative possibilities, where the magic of healing takes flight.

Embrace the knowledge that you are the protagonist in this empowering narrative, you are a HERO in the story and I am the companion who walks alongside you, igniting the fire of self-discovery and unlocking the door to your brighter future…

No need to venture far; you walk the path to healing right where you are, from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Beach Party_edited.jpg

With Beyond Hypnotherapy Online Treatment
a world of transformative possibilities is at your fingertips!
Contact Me Today For A Free Consultation!

Key benefits of beyond hypnotherapy online treatment:

  • End Your Worries and Find Inner Calm

  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs

  • Empower Positive Change

  • Restore Self-Esteem

  • Embrace Emotional Healing

  • Enhance Focus & Productivity

  • Reinvent Sleep Patterns

  • Foster Resilience

  • Embrace Joyful Living

  • Personalized Guidance

Experience The Power Of Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy!

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!

How easy it Works


Begin by booking a Free Initial Consultation. This session is an opportunity for us to become acquainted, discuss your therapeutic goals, and strategize ways to attain them. You'll gain an understanding of the root causes behind your struggles and learn about effective methods to transcend them.


Embark on your tailored online treatment journey. With well-defined goals and a bespoke strategy, you'll receive a structured plan to implement in manageable steps. Allow me to guide you through your healing process. With full support, you'll start noticing positive changes.


Experience long-lasting transformation. Revel in heightened self-awareness, employ your newly learned coping mechanisms, appreciate positive behavior changes, feel a surge of motivation and empowerment, and enjoy enhanced well-being and emotional balance.

Success Stories

Many people are already enjoying their better life free from negative experiences or emotions, anxiety or fear.

They increased their vitality, performance and self-awareness, experienced change and stepped onto another level.

They opened themselves to new opportunities and are now heading towards their greatest goals and ideas.

Will you stay behind ?

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Get in touch and lets start your healing process today!

I will respond as soon as I will receive and read your message

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