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Transform Your Life: Discover the Power of Solution-Focused Online Practice and find Freedom from Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anger and Low Self Esteem from your own space!

Discover a new path to positive Transformation!

- Professional and Dedicated Online Hypnotherapy Service -

How will you Benefit

You are about to experience a significant, rapid and long-lasting change in your life in a matter of a few sessions!


My approach is designed to help you heal your mind. You will finally relax and release your mind from unwanted thinking patterns, panic attacks, bad habits or negative beliefs.


I will help you to restore mental balance and show how to use your emotions for your benefit. You will no longer be afraid to go out, get on the plane or meet new people. 


We will work on your sleep patterns so you can wake up everyday completely refreshed and empowered. You will move forward!

Dedicated Online Hypnotherapy Service

What do I offer

Panic attacks and anxiety disorders treatment

Do you constantly worry about future events and see things from the worst perspective? Do you stress too much and get panic attacks?

Stress and anger management

Do you get angry very easily and do things that you later regret?

Do you find difficult to control your emotions and often make wrong decisions?

Low confidence and
self-esteem treatment

You don’t reach out for for your goals because you don’t believe you can achieve it? Do you repeat to yourself that you are not good enough. Are you scared to take the first step forward? 

How easy it Works


Book an Initial Consultation so we can discuss goals for the therapy and strategies to achieve them. You will get a good understanding of why are you struggling  and learn about the methods to move you beyond your struggle.


Start your online treatment with clearly set goals and unique strategy. Let me guide you through your healing process. Get my full support and begin to notice the results.  


Enjoy your mental stability and emotional resilience. Use your boosted confidence and focus. Fulfil you dreams and start building a better life. 

Why work with Beyond Hypnotherapy

Beyond Hypnotherapy is a results driven and future oriented practice. It helps you to achieve positive results in a matter of a few sessions.


The practice acts in a best interest of its clients and keeps all information strictly confidential.

Professional and dedicated care

Results in just few sessions

Certified and registered expert

Strict confidentiality

Ongoing support

Bart Jaszczyszyn - Clinical Hypnotherapist at Beyond Hypnotherapy

"One of my greatest passions is human mind and its abilities to do miracles. I strongly believe in our potential to heal. I also believe in the power of our own imagination and how it can be used in a therapeutic way.


I am honored to work with people and direct them on the path to a perfect mental well-being. My mission is to spread awareness about human mind's potential and show others their own power."


Bart, the therapist\healer -

You are your Own Remedy

Registered with:

AFSFH - Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
National Board For Modern Psychotherapy

Success Stories

Many people are already enjoying their better life free from negative experiences or emotions, anxiety or fear. They increased their vitality, performance and self-awareness, experienced change and stepped onto another level. They opened themselves to new opportunities and are now heading towards their greatest goals and ideas.

Will you stay behind ?

Reach out Now!!!

Get in touch and lets start your healing process today!

I will respond as soon as I will receive and read your message

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